Celebrating Chinese New Year in Dubai: The Best Places and Holiday Homes

January 12, 2024
Chinese New Year Celebrations in Dubai Holiday Homes

Your Guide to Celebrate Chinese New Year in Dubai

Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival or Lunar New Year, is a widely celebrated occasion across the globe, with Dubai being no exception. The city embraces this vibrant festival with its unique blend of local flavors and international flair. If you are planning to visit Dubai for the Chinese New Year or if you are a resident looking for some new spots to try, here is a guide for you

Dive into the Festivities: Where to Celebrate Chinese New Year In Dubai

The first part of any visit to Dubai during the Chinese New Year should be exploring the city’s festive offerings. Let’s take a look at some of the key places to visit.

Chinese New Year Celebrations in Dubai Holiday Homes
Chinese New Year Celebrations in Dubai Holiday Homes

Dubai Mall

Home to diverse retail outlets and dining spaces, Dubai Mall also transforms into a festive hub during the Chinese New Year. With cultural performances, shopping discounts, and plenty of red and gold decorations, it offers a truly immersive experience.

Global Village

A melting pot of world cultures, Global Village hosts various country pavilions from around the globe—including China. You can enjoy live performances, indulge in traditional Chinese food, and shop for authentic Chinese goods.

Chinese New Year Celebrations in Dubai Holiday Homes

Dragon Mart

Without a trip to the city’s largest China-themed mall, no Chinese celebration in Dubai would be complete. Dragon Mart’s Chinese New Year celebrations include dragon dances, lantern installations, and other vibrant displays of Chinese culture—which makes it a must-visit.

Al Seef

Al Seef, located on Dubai Creek, hosts its celebrations with a wonderful mixture of Emirati and Chinese culture. Expect vibrant lantern displays, mouthwatering street food counters, and more.

Like Home Holiday Homes in Dubai to Settle during the Chinese New Year Celebration in Dubai

After a day packed with merriment and exploration, a hearty rest is needed. And when it comes to vacation homes in Dubai, there’s lots to choose from. We suggest you Like Home holiday homes as they offer the best stay in every corner of Dubai. Like Home Holiday Home spots for your vacation vibrancy are:

Palm Jumeirah

An architectural wonder, Palm Jumeirah is an amazing choice for a luxurious stay. Offering stunning views of the Dubai skyline, the holiday homes by Like Home come fitted with all modern amenities for a comfortable stay.

Chinese New Year Celebrations in Dubai Holiday Homes
Photo by Jennifer Pelegrin on Unsplash

Palm Jumeirah Beach Villa 

With an effortless blend of luxury and homely comfort, Like Home holiday home has beach villas that are an excellent choice for a more relaxed setting. Guests can enjoy the warm sun and cool sea breezes right from the comfort of their patio.

Dubai Marina

This one is nestled in Dubai Marina and offers an excellent view of the city’s urban landscape. A stunning cityscape view, modern amenities, and proximity to popular attractions make it a good choice for those who want a city-immersive experience.

In conclusion, celebrating Chinese New Year in Dubai is a memorable way of embracing the amalgamation of different cultures. With festive spots to explore and the best holiday homes from Like Home accommodation options to choose from, it’s time to plan your Dubai adventure during the Chinese New Year!

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