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We are a prominent holiday homes and property management team in the UAE. When searching for short-term apartment rentals and professional vacation home management services, we can be your helping hand. Our services are catered with love and warmth to make you feel special. You are exceptional!

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Dubai Vacation Homes and Property Management

To people coming to dubai to explore and experience this land, we offer creative holiday homes. When in doubt about choosing vacation homes in dubai, like home is your trusted companion. Our comprehensive short term rental management is another premium service we provide to homeowners in dubai. Our approach is personal, our service – filled with love and warmth, making every guest feel truly special and every homeowner assured of their property’s care.

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Trusted By Thousands In UAE

Beyond just being a holiday home rental company in Dubai, we excel in guiding our clients to their dream Dubai vacation homes while offering the finest holiday home management services. Like Home is your trusted partner for luxury vacations and reliable property management in Dubai, delivering nothing but exceptional service.

Collection of Holiday Homes

Dream your vacation home, and we deliver your dream vacation home. The collection at Like Home is creatively diverse. The cozy apartment for a romantic getaway or a spacious family home to celebrate togetherness – we have it all. We create spaces for every lifestyle and budget. Our homes are spaces of quality and comfort.

Easy Payment Methods

It is easy with Like Home when it comes to finance. We offer flexible options and expert guidance, for securing your dream vacation home in Dubai. The financial journey with us is a reliable process. We ensures transparent communication and personalized solutions tailored to your needs, making your dream vacation home a reality with confidence.

Holiday Homes In Dubai That You Never Wanna Leave!

Ready for an unforgettable vacation experience in Dubai? The perfect home for your next holiday home is Like Home. Our collection of vacation rentals in dubai is where elegance meets creativity and comfort. Let us help you create memories that last a lifetime.

Explore our collection of furnished apartments in Dubai today and find out why Like Home is synonymous with luxurious and comfortable holiday living.

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