Enjoy Dubai’s Latest Attractions from Your Dubai Holiday Home

May 6, 2024
Dubai's Newest Attractions with Ease from Your Holiday Home

Dubai is a Dynamic Destination with Unparalleled Comfort in Holiday Homes

Dubai, renowned for its breathtaking skyline transformation and lively attractions, has recently broadened its tourism horizon with several beautiful destinations. As luxury marinas and captivating art institutions pop up, staying in a holiday home nearby is increasingly the favored choice for experiencing these fresh attractions to the fullest.

Experience Ultimate Convenience and Luxury: Holiday Homes in Dubai

Opt for the like-home feeling out of the many luxurious holiday homes in Dubai, perfectly positioning you to explore the city’s latest attractions. Whether you’re after the thrill of new adventures or the calm of scenic environments, the latest sites are accessible and enriching.

Top New Attractions to Explore Near Your Vacation Home in Dubai

1. Nakheel Marinas: The Gem of Dubai Islands

Set within the picturesque Dubai Islands, Nakheel Marinas flaunts top-notch facilities and provides direct access to the beautiful shoreside retreat. Boating enthusiasts will find a paradise here with accommodations that can house superyachts and an array of water activities. Select a nearby vacation home for spectacular proximity to both this high-end marina and other local highlights. Operating from 7 AM to midnight, there’s plenty of time to soak in the maritime splendor.

Nakheel Marinas: The Gem of Dubai Islands
Nakheel Marinas: The Gem of Dubai Islands


Visit ARTE MUSEUM Dubai in Dubai Mall for a blend of art and technology. Across 14 themed zones condensing ‘Eternal Nature,’ this museum offers a must-see immersive art experience. While you’re there, don’t miss the ARTE Tea Bar, where tea-infused mocktails complement the art-filled atmosphere. Visit hours extend from Monday to Thursday, 10 AM to 11 PM, and intensify to midnight on weekends.


3. Dubai Islands Beach 

At Dubai Islands Beach, families and beach lovers enjoy the welcoming sands that also accommodate furry friends. Positioned as a top-notch family-friendly destination, consider a vacation home in the heart of Dubai to make trips to this pet-friendly beach simple and frequent.

Dubai Islands Beach

4. The Dubai Balloon

An experience above 300 meters above the bustling cityscape in The Dubai Balloon, capturing stunning views and creating timeless memories. Ideal for families and individuals alike, it’s an extraordinary way to witness Dubai’s iconic skyline.

The Dubai Balloon
The Dubai Balloon

5. Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

Visit the largest library in the region, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, marvelously situated along Dubai Creek. With books in numerous languages, expansive exhibition spaces, a quaint café, and a bookstore, this cultural focal point is a treasure trove for any visitor. Like home, Holiday Homes has nearly 200 holiday homes near Creek Harbor. Book a holiday home near Creek Harbor and read from the largest library 

Mohammed Bin Rashid Library
Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

6. Sky Views Dubai

Experience an adrenaline rush with exceptional views of Dubai at Sky Views Dubai, located atop the Address Sky View Hotel. Thrill-seekers can take on the Observatory and Glass Slide, as well as the daring Edge Walk.

Sky Views Dubai
Sky Views Dubai

Explore, Relax, and Reconnect in Your Dubai Holiday Home

Every type of traveler finds their niche in Dubai’s latest attractions, from sandy shores and art galleries to thrilling heights and cultural dives. Holiday homes in Dubai offer the convenience and comfort necessary to transform a good getaway into a great one. Whether seeking a peaceful retreat or an adventurous escape, the charm of vacation homes near the top tourist attractions in Dubai ensures every moment is spent in delight and comfort, making your stay unforgettable.

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