The Ultimate Staycation: Dubai’s Best Holiday Homes for Your Next Public Holiday

April 18, 2024
When is the next public holiday? How to spend the holidays?

With the next public holiday around the corner, why not have some fun in your break by exploring some of the best holiday homes in Dubai? This guide is your ticket to finding the perfect escape within the city’s dazzling confines.

When is the next public holiday in Dubai?

The UAE Cabinet has released a list of public holidays for 2024 including two holidays together: Arafat Day and Eid Al Adha. Arafat Day is expected to fall on Sunday, June 16, based on the sighting of the moon.

Eid Al Adha is one of the two major holidays celebrated in Islam. It is observed on Dhul Hijjah 10 to 12, which this year is expected to fall on Monday, June 17 to Wednesday, June 19, subject to the sighting of the moon. This holiday is likely to be considered as a public holiday, and those who have a weekend on Saturday and Sunday will enjoy a five-day break. Work is expected to resume on Thursday, June 20.

So are you ready to spend it the way you like it? Book a holiday home and spend some quality time with your family. 

When is the next public holiday? How to spend the holidays?
When is the next public holiday? How to spend the holidays?

Why Choose a Vacation Home in Dubai?

Opting for a vacation home over the traditional hotel stay can offer you a blend of comfort, privacy, and a homely vibe, often all wrapped up with a luxurious bow. Dubai’s holiday homes come in all shapes and sizes, catering to the solo adventurer, the romantic couple, or the fun-filled family squad.

The Perks of Going to a Short-term Rental

  • Space and Privacy: Enjoy your space without the hustle and bustle of busy hotel corridors.
  • Home Comforts: Cook your meals, lounge in your private living room, and live on your schedule.
  • Authentic Experience: Feel the pulse of Dubai’s neighborhoods, blending in like a local.
  • Value for Money: With options for every budget, holiday homes can offer better value, especially for larger groups or longer stays.
When is the next public holiday? How to spend the holidays?
When is the next public holiday? How to spend the holidays?

Top Picks for Holiday Homes in Dubai

A lot of options can be daunting. Here are a few areas that are renowned for offering the best holiday homes in Dubai, ensuring you a stay that combines luxury, comfort, and convenience.

Into the Heart of Downtown Dubai

Imagine waking up to the view of the towering Burj Khalifa or the mesmerizing Dubai Fountain. Downtown Dubai offers some of the most exquisite holiday homes that put you right in the center of the city’s most iconic landmarks.

Beachside Bliss in Palm Jumeirah

For those dreaming of a holiday that involves sun, sea, and sand, Palm Jumeirah’s holiday homes are unmatched. From luxurious villas to cozy apartments, select a home that offers direct beach access and stunning sea views.

Explore the Cultural Side in Al Fahidi

Venture into Dubai’s historical Al Fahidi neighborhood for a different vibe. Quaint, charming holiday homes here offer a peaceful retreat, all within walking distance of the Dubai Museum, the Creek, and the bustling souks.

When is the next public holiday? How to spend the holidays?
When is the next public holiday? How to spend the holidays?

Make the Most of Your Stay

To truly enjoy your holiday home experience in Dubai, consider these tips:

  • Book Early: Especially around public holidays, securing your spot early can give you a broader selection and better deals.
  • Read Reviews: Prior guests’ experiences can offer valuable insights into what to expect.
  • Check for Amenities: Ensure your holiday home has all the essential amenities you need for a comfortable stay.
  • Explore the Area: Whether it’s finding the local hidden gems or understanding public transport options, getting to know the area can enhance your stay.

Wrapping Up Your Holiday Home Adventure

Dubai’s Short Term Rental offer the perfect mix of luxury, comfort, and the convenience of feeling like you’re right at home, all while being surrounded by the splendor of one of the world’s most dynamic cities. Whether you’re soaking up the sun on the Palm, exploring historic alleys, or living it up in the city center, Dubai has a holiday home for every traveler. So go ahead, plan your stay, and experience Dubai like never before.

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