How Tourism Dirham Is Calculated For Short-term Rental Properties In Dubai

March 27, 2024
Understanding Tourism Dirham for Dubai Short-Term Rentals

Have you ever browsed through short-term rentals in Dubai and stumbled upon the term ‘Tourism Dirham’? If you’re planning a blissful escape to this city of luxury and wonder, understanding this fee can help you budget better! Why does it exist, how do they calculate it, and what does it mean for you as a tourist choosing short-term rental properties? Don’t worry; we’re here to break it all down in simple, everyday language.

What Is The Tourism Dirham Fee?

Before we dive into the calculations, let’s first understand what the Tourism Dirham Fee is. Introduced in 2014 by the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), this fee is a slight addition to your lodging costs, aimed at tourists staying in hotels, hotel apartments, guesthouses, and even short-term rental properties. The revenue from this fee goes towards improving the tourism infrastructure and services in Dubai, essentially making your stay and those of future visitors even better. Think of it as your small contribution to keeping the city as stunning as it is.

How Is The Tourism Dirham Calculated For Short-term Rentals?

Now, let’s get to the main event: the calculation of the Tourism Dirham for short-term rental properties. The process is pretty straightforward but varies slightly based on the type and rating of your accommodation. Here’s a breakdown to make things clear:

By Property Type and Classification

First off, the fee is calculated per room per night. However, for short-term rentals, the ‘room’ is your entire rental unit, whether it’s a studio, apartment, or villa. The amount you’ll pay depends on the classification of your rental under the DTCM categories.

  • Standard Accommodations: This includes your average apartments or homes that are comfortable but don’t include luxury amenities or services. For these, you’re looking at approximately AED 10-15 per night.
  • Deluxe Accommodations: These properties offer a bit more in terms of quality and services. Think along the lines of properties with great locations, amenities, and maybe even a concierge service. For these, the fee jumps to around AED 15-20 per night.
  • Superior Deluxe and Luxury Accommodations: As the names suggest, these are top-notch, offering stellar services, amenities, and often breathtaking views or locations. The fee for these can range from AED 20 up to AED 25 per night.

Duration Of Your Stay And Cap

One of the best parts? For any continuous stay in the same property, the Tourism Dirham Fee is capped at 30 consecutive nights. So, if you’re planning an extended stay, you won’t be paying the fee for more than a month, regardless of how long you stay beyond that.

Understanding Tourism Dirham for Dubai Short-Term Rentals
Understanding Tourism Dirham for Dubai Short-Term Rentals

Why Is This Fee Significant For You And Short-term Rentals In Dubai?

For one, it ensures that tourists contribute to maintaining the high standards of tourism facilities and services in the city. For visitors, it provides transparency in travel costs, helping you budget more accurately for your stay. Just remember, they typically collect the fee at check-in or add it to your bill to avoid surprises during your vacation.

Plan Your Trip With The Tourism Dirham In Mind

Though the Tourism Dirham Fee is just a small part of planning your trip to Dubai. Understanding it ensures there are no unexpected costs and helps you appreciate where your contributions are going. To maintain and enhance one of the most vibrant tourist destinations in the world. Whether you’re opting for a modest apartment or splurging on a luxury villa, calculating this fee into your budget is a step towards a hassle-free Dubai adventure. When you’re booking your next short-term rental in Dubai, remember to account for the Tourism Dirham. it’s your ticket to contributing to the city’s continuous glow.

Happy travels, and see you in Dubai, where every contribution you make via the Tourism Dirham helps ensure the city remains a dazzling destination for all!

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